Parque Chas

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Parque Chas
Parque Chas intersection
Parque Chas intersection
Location o Parque Chas athin Buenos Aires
Location o Parque Chas athin Buenos Aires
Kintra Argentinae
Autonomous CeetyBuenos Aires
 • Total1.4 km2 (0.5 sq mi)
 • Total18,926
 • Density14,000/km2 (35,000/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-3 (ART)

Parque Chas is a barrio in Buenos Aires, Argentinae, reinstatit on 6 Dizember 2005 throu Bi-law No. 1907/06.

Parque Chas is the smawest destrict in Buenos Aires an is boondit bi La Pampa, Triunvirato, Combatientes de Malvinas, Chorroarín, an Constituyentes streets. It is the anerly destrict no organisit follaein a grid pattern an aw. Three streets (Victorica, Avalos an Gándara) meet in the centre o the neebourheid shapin a sax-pynts intersection. A concentric pattern o streets, namit efter European ceeties, surroonds this center. The pattern breaks when drawin closer tae the major avenues (La Pampa, Triunvirato, an Avenida de Los Incas), whaur the grid pattern resumes. Thare are twa smaw parks within the barrio.

Parque Chas plays a prominent role in Tomas Eloy Martinez' beuk The Tango Singer.

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Coordinates: 34°35′06″S 58°28′46″W / 34.58500°S 58.47944°W / -34.58500; -58.47944