Parc des Princes

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Parc des Princes
Le Parc
Paris Parc des Princes 1.jpg
Full name Parc des Princes
Location Paris, Fraunce
Coordinates 48°50′29″N 2°15′11″E / 48.84139°N 2.25306°E / 48.84139; 2.25306Coordinates: 48°50′29″N 2°15′11″E / 48.84139°N 2.25306°E / 48.84139; 2.25306
Biggit 1897
Opened 18 July 1897
Renovatit 1932, 1972, 2012-2016
Ainer Ceety o Paris
Operator SESE
Surface Grass
Construction cost 90m / 13m
Airchitect Roger Taillibert, Siavash Teimouri
Capacity 48,712
Field size 105m x 68m
Paris Saint-Germain (1973–present)

The Parc des Princes (French pronunciation: ​[paʁk de pʁɛ̃s]) is an aw-seater fitbaa stadium locatit in the soothwast o Paris, Fraunce. The venue, wi a seatin capacity o 48,712 spectators, haes been the home o French fitbaa club Paris Saint-Germain syne 1973.[1]

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