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Pakchon Coonty

Korean transcription(s)
 • Hanja博川郡
 • McCune-ReischauerPakch'ŏn-kun
 • Revised RomanizationBakcheon-gun
KintraNorth Korea
Admeenistrative diveesions1 ŭp, 20 ri
 • Total313.6 km2 (121.1 sq mi)

Pakchon Coonty is a kun, or coonty, in soothren Pyonganbuk-do, North Korea. It is bordered tae the north bi Taechon, tae the east an sootheast bi Nyongbyon, an tae the wast bi Unjon. Tae the sooth, it leuks athort the Chongchon River at Anju ceety an Mudok coonty in Pyongannam-do. In 1952, 4 myŏn o Pakchon wur split aff tae jyne Unjon coonty; syne then, the coonty's admeenistrative diveesions hae been revisis in 1954, 1956, 1958, 1978, 1980, an 1982.

Pakchon's terrain is dominatit bi rollin hills an plains, wi few pynts exceedin 300 m abuin sea level. The heichest pynt is Chongryongsan (청룡산, 322 m). The Pakchon Plain spreads ower 100 km² alang the Taeryong an Chongchon Rivers. The year-roond average temperatur is 8.8 °C, wi temperaturs averagin -9.6 °C in Januar an 23.9 °C in August. The annual rainfaw is 1274 mm. Anerlie 30% o the coonty's terrain is forestit, wi pine the dominant tree, while 50% is cultivatit.

Pakchon is a centre o rice production; ither crops include maize, soybeans, barley, an wheat. Livestock are raised an aw, an the coonty leads Pyonganbuk-do in the aurie devotit tae orchards. Mineral resoorces include gowd, siller, an mica. In 1991, it wis revealed that nuclear facilities are locatit in Pakchon.

The temple o Simwonsa in Sangyang-ri is designatit North Korean naitional treasur 21.

Pakchon is hame tae Pakchon Technical Schuil (박천전문학교).


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