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녕변군 (영변군)
Korean transcription(s)
 • Hanja寧邊郡
 • McCune-ReischauerNyŏngbyŏn-kun (Yŏngbyŏn-kun)
 • Revised RomanizationNyeongbyeon-gun (Yeongbyeon-gun)
KintraNorth Korea

Nyongbyon, alternatively Yongbyon, is a coonty in Pyonganbuk-do, North Korea. It borders the ceeties o Kaechon an Anju, an covers an area of 504 km².

The ceety wis hivily fortifee'd durin the 15t century as a result o its strategic position, an durin the Joseon Dynasty, became a famous retreat for the aristocratic Yangban due tae its fantastic scenery. The ceety's Yaksan, meanin medicine muntain, wis weel kent for its bonnie azaleas; the famous modren poet Kim So-wol wrote ane o his best-kent poems on this subject. Twa ither muntains, Yaksan-dongdae, east o Yaksan, an Moran Hill are famous scenic spots an aw. Yongbyon hooses mony important relics an aw, includin the Chonju and Soun Buddhist temples, datin frae 1345 an 1684 respectively; the Ryuksung Pavilion, famous for "sax scenic views" o Yongbyon; an the Cholong Castle, built tae protect the ceety durin the Yi dynsty. The sooth gate o Yongbyon, cried Mannomun, is famous an aw.

The Yongbyon Nuclear Scientific Research Center, a major component o the North Korean nuclear program, is locatit here.

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