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In grammar, a pairt o speech (a wird cless, a lexical cless, or a lexical category an aw) is a lingueestic category o wirds (or mair precise lexical eetems) that is for ordinae defined bi the syntactic or morphological behaviour o the lexical eetem in question. Common linguistic categories includes noon an verb, amang ithers. Thare's appen wird clesses that aye acquires new members, an closed wird clesses that acquires new members infrequent if at aw.

Awmaist aw leeds haes the lexical categories noon an verb, but ayont thir thare's signeeficant variations in different leeds.[1] For example, Japanese haes as mony as three clesses o adjectives whaur Ingles haes ane; Cheenese, Korean an Japanese haes nominal clessifeers whauras European leeds daesna; mony leids daesna hae a disteenction atween adjectives an adverbs, adjectives an verbs (see stative verbs) or adjectives an noons, etc. This variation in the nummer o categories an thair identifeein properties entails that analysis be duin for ilk indiveedual leed. Naetheless the labels for ilk category is assigned on the basis o universal criteria.[1]

Scots pairts o speech:

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