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Pailace o Buenavista

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The Pailace o Buenavista or Palacio de Buenavista is an umwhile pailace in Madrid, Spain. Originally built for Airchbishops o Toledo Efter passing through various owners, Elisabeth Farnese occupies it, on the daith o her stepson Ferdinand VI o Spain, in 1759, until the end o her days in 1766. In 1796, in the will o Isabel de Farnesio, Fernando de Silva acquires it an Fernando de Silva y Álvarez de Toledo, 12t Duke o Alba. However, Buenavista separates from the assets o the Alba. In 1807, through expropriation, the Ceety Council o Madrid gives it tae the valid King Charles IV o Spain, Manuel Godoy, I Duke o Alcudia. Godoy invests in its conditioning an decoration but niver lived in the pailace. When he lost his pouer, the property wis expropriated again, returning tae the ryal hoose.