PAS Tehran F.C.

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Pas Tehran Fitbaa Club (Persie: باشگاه فوتبال پاس تهران‎) wis an Iranian fitbaw club based in Tehran, Iran.

Pas F.C. wis the fitbaw club o the multisport Pas Cultural an Sport Club.

The club haes a lang an rich history an haes aaways been associatit wi Iranian police, receivin maist o its fundin frae that branch. In recent years the fitbaw club haes shown itself tae be a contender, thanks tae increast fundin an support frae the team board. The team played its matches in Shahid Dastgerdi Stadium. On Juin 9, 2007, Pas Tehran wis offeecially dissolved. Their richt tae participate in the Persian Gulf Cup wis gien tae a newly formed team cawed PAS Hamedan F.C..