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The P.K. wis a caur made bi Pars Khodro atween 2000 an 2005 uisin the body o the Renault 5 an the ingine o a Kia Pride caur. "P.K." is an acronym for Pars Khodro (the manufacturer).

Efter 24 years o manufacture o the Renault 5 an Sepand (same as Renault 5) models in Iran bi baith SAIPA an Pars Khodro frae 1976 tae 2000, Pars Khodro produced a new model bi uisin a Renault 5 body mounted on a Kia Pride platform. The body structur wis changed a little an some new facilities added such as air conditioning. The result wis the Sepand P.K. Manufacturing o the P.K continued until it wis replaced bi the New P.K in 2005.

New P.K.[eedit | eedit soorce]

The "New P.K." is a caur made bi Pars Khodro, wi a body seemilar tae a first generation Renault 5 an the platform/ingine o a Kia Pride. Manufacture o the New P.K. commenced in 2005. The New P.K is different in body style frae the previous P.K. models which haed a vera seemilar body tae the Renault 5.

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