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The P.K. wis a caur made bi Pars Khodro atween 2000 an 2005 uisin the body o the Renault 5 an the ingine of a Kia Pride caur. "P.K." is an acronym for Pars Khodro (the manufacturer).

Efter 24 years of manufacture of the Renault 5 and Sepand (same as Renault 5) models in Iran by both SAIPA and Pars Khodro from 1976 to 2000, Pars Khodro produced a new model by using a Renault 5 body mounted on a Kia Pride platform. The body structure was changed a little and some new facilities added such as air conditioning. The result was the Sepand P.K. Manufacturing of the P.K continued until it was replaced by the New P.K in 2005.

New P.K.[eedit | eedit soorce]

The "New P.K." is a caur made bi Pars Khodro, wi a body similar tae a first generation Renault 5 an the platform/ingine o a Kia Pride. Manufacture o the New P.K. commenced in 2005. The New P.K is different in body style frae the previous P.K. models which haed a vera similar body tae the Renault 5.

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