Othón P. Blanco, Quintana Roo

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Othón P. Blanco
Offeecial logo o Othón P. Blanco
Location o Othón P. Blanco in Quintana Roo
Location o Othón P. Blanco in Quintana Roo
Othón P. Blanco is locatit in Mexico
Othón P. Blanco
Othón P. Blanco
Location o Othón P. Blanco in Quintana Roo
Coordinates: 18°30′13″N 88°18′19″W / 18.50361°N 88.30528°W / 18.50361; -88.30528
Kintra  Mexico
State Quintana Roo
Municipal Seat Chetumal
Municipality Foondit 5 Mey 1898
Named for Othón P. Blanco Núñez de Cáceres
 • Municipal Preses[1] Andrés Ruiz Morcillo
 • Municipality 17,189.75 km2 (6,637.00 sq mi)
Elevation 10 m (30 ft)
Population (2010 [3])
 • Municipality 244,553
 • Density 14/km2 (37/sq mi)
 • Urban 182,178
Time zone Central Staundart Time (UTC-6)
 • Simmer (DST) Central Daylicht Time (UTC-5)
INEGI Code 004
Major Airport Chetumal Airport
Wabsteid Official Site
Municipalities o Quintana Roo

The municipality o Othón P. Blanco is ane o the ten subdiveesions (municipios) o the Mexican state o Quintana Roo. It is the fift-lairgest municipality in land aurie in Mexico, at 17,189.75 km² (6,637 sq mi),[2] occupyin mair nor a third o the entire state.[4] It haed a 2010 census population o 244,553 persons. Its municipal seat is the ceety o Chetumal, which serves as the state caipital an aw.

The municipal govrenment is heidit bi the municipal preses o Othón P. Blanco (mayor o Othón P. Blanco, aka mayor o Chetumal).

The municipality is namit efter Othón P. Blanco Núñez de Cáceres.

Major commonties[eedit | eedit soorce]

The 2010 census enumeratit 727 populatit localities plus 804 unpopulatit localities. The lairgest localities (ceeties, touns, an veelages) are leetit belaw.[3] In early 2011, housomeivver, the municipality wis split intae twa pairts, wi mony o the localities nou comprisin pairt o the newly-creatit Bacalar Municipality.

Name 2010 Census Population
Chetumal 151,243
Bacalar [tae Bacalar Municipality in 2011] 11,048
Calderitas 5,326
Nicolás Bravo 4,011
Javier Rojo Gómez 2,911
Álvaro Obregón 2,869
Limones [tae Bacalar Municipality in 2011] 2,535
Sergio Butrón Casas 2,235
Cacao 2,056
Xul-Ha 2,037
Maya Balam 2,018
Subteniente López 1,915
Pucté 1,861
Carlos A. Madrazo 1,825
Huay-Pix 1,649
Tot Municipality 244,553

Ither commonties[eedit | eedit soorce]

Aircheological Steids[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Dzibanché
  • Kohunlich
  • Oxtankah
  • Chakanbakán
  • Kinichna
  • Ichkabal
  • Zamora

Ecoseestems[eedit | eedit soorce]

The vegetation foond in the municipality o Othon P. Blanco is maistly o medium forest, spannin maist o the interior o the municipality an thare are mair representative plant species are the sapodilla, the ramon, the guayabillo an Chaco, mair isolatit auries athin the municipality is populatit bi heich forest, whare you can fynd the siricote, the palo de tinte an mahogany, tae the soothwast o the toun are engagit in auries o rainfed agricultur an irrigation, the main crop o succarcane, alang wi the Caribbean coast can be tracit mainly mangroves.[5]

The fauna is rich an variet, amang the main species is the manatee, marine mammal that lives in bays an lagoons lictors an haes acome a seembol o the region, an ane can fynd species such as agouti, wild boar, white-tailed deer, otters, turtles an birds.

For the pertection o ainimal an plant species in Othon P. Blanco thare are three zones o ecological reserve, the aurie o Protection o Flora an Fauna Uaymil locatit on the northeast coast o the territory, near Mahahual, an the Manatee Sanctuary in the Bay o Chetumal an the Biosphere Reserve Banco Chinchorro.

Tourism[eedit | eedit soorce]

Locatit on the coast, the eco resort o Kabah-na affers anerlie fower cabins in a hexagon shape tae circulate the air an thatched ruifs which keep the interior temperatur ceul. A complex seestem o solar panels provides energy 24 oors a day as well as het watter. The resort affers restaurant, beach bar, ootdoor showers, hammocks, beach volleybaw, canoes, snorkelin equipment an mair.[6]

At Laguna de Bacalar is Rancho Encantado which is locatit on the edge o a lagoon. It consists o twal cabins palm-thatched roofs, handmade furnitur an decoratit wi Mexican accents. The cabins are surroondit bi tropical gardens in which live mair nor 150 species o birds amang the tropical fruit orchards.[7]

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