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Map o North an Sooth Ossetie

Ossetie (/[unsupported input]ɒˈsɛtiə/[1] or /ˈsʃə/;[2] Ossetic: Ир, Ирыстон Ir, Iryston; Roushie: Осетия, Osetiya; Georgie: ოსეთი, Oset'i) is an ethnolinguistic region locatit on baith sides o the Greater Caucasus Muntains, lairgely inhabitit bi the Osseties. The Ossetian leid is pairt o the Eastren Iranian branch o the Indo-European leids family. The Ossetie-speakin aurie sooth tae the main Caucasus ridge is recognizit bi maist kintras athin the borders o Georgie, but unner the control o the Roushie-backed de facto govrenment o the Republic o Sooth Ossetie. The northren portion o the region consists o the republic o North Ossetie–Alanie athin the Roushie Federation.

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