Organic compoond

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Methane is ane o the simplest organic compoonds

An organic compoond is ony member o a muckle cless o gaseous, liquid, or solit chemical compoonds whose molecules contain carbon. For historical reasons discussed ablo, a few types o carbon-containin compoonds sic as carbides, carbonates, semple oxides o carbon (sic as CO an CO2), an cyanides are considered inorganic.[1] The distinction atween organic an inorganic carbon compoonds, while "uisefu in organizin the vast subject o chemistry... is somewhit arbitrary."[2]

Organic chemistry is the science concerned wi aw aspects o organic compoonds. Organic synthesis is the methodology o thair preparation.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Frae the defineetion o "organic compoonds" are an aa excludit automatically the allotropes o carbon such as diamond an graphite, acause thay are furmed bi atoms o the same element, so thay are simple substances, nae compoonds.
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