Or Yehuda

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Or Yehuda

  • אוֹר יְהוּדָה
  • أور يهودا
Ebreu transcription(s)
 • ISO 259ʔor Yhuda
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Or Yehuda is located in Israel
Or Yehuda
Or Yehuda
Coordinates: 32°02′N 34°51′E / 32.033°N 34.850°E / 32.033; 34.850Coordinates: 32°02′N 34°51′E / 32.033°N 34.850°E / 32.033; 34.850
Destrict Tel Aviv
Foondit1949 as an immigrants camp
 • TeepCeety
 • MayorDavid Yosef
 • Total5.141 km2 (1.985 sq mi)
 • Total32,200
 • Density6,300/km2 (16,000/sq mi)
Name meaninJudah's Licht
Location o Or Yehuda in the Tel Aviv Destrict

Or Yehuda (Hebrew: אוֹר יְהוּדָה‬) is a ceety in the Tel Aviv Destrict in Israel. Accordin tae the Israel Central Bureau o Statistics (CBS), the ceety haed a tot population o 32,200 at the end o 2007.[1]

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Square in Or Yehuda

Or Yehuda wis established in 1950 on the site o the umwhile Arab veelage o Saqiya, tae settle Jews frae Iraq an North Africae.[2] In 1988, Or Yehuda wis declared as a ceety. The ceety is nou kent for its proximity tae the internaitional Israeli airport o Ben Gurion. Or Yehuda is locatit whaur the biblical ceety o Kefar Ono uised tae staund.

In 2008, pairt o the Ef'al Regional Cooncil, includin the veelage Ramat Pinkas (Hebrew: רָמַת פִּנְקָס‬), merged intae Or Yehuda.

Demographics[eedit | eedit soorce]

Accordin tae CBS, in 2001 the ethnic makeup o the ceety wis 100.0% Jewish an ither non-Arab, wi nae significant Arab population. Thare are 80 immigrants. See Population groups in Israel.

Accordin tae CBS, in 2001 thare wur 13,900 males an 14,000 females. The population o the ceety wis spread oot wi 34.6% 19 years o age or younger, 17.7% atween 20 an 29, 20.5% atween 30 an 44, 15.8% frae 45 tae 59, 3.1% frae 60 tae 64, an 8.2% 65 years o age or aulder. The population growthe rate in 2001 wis 3.4%.

Income[eedit | eedit soorce]

Accordin tae CBS, as of 2000, in the ceety thare wur 10,281 salaried wirkers an 1,079 are sel-employed. The mean monthly wage in 2000 for a salaried wirker in the ceety is ILS 5,069, a real chynge o 10.8% ower the course o 2000. Salaried males hae a mean monthly wage o ILS 6,220 (a real chynge o 8.9%) versus ILS 3,901 for females (a real chynge o 12.9%). The mean income for the sel-employed is 6,638. Thare are 598 fowk who receive unemployment benefits an 1,605 fowk who receive an income guarantee.

Education[eedit | eedit soorce]

Accordin tae CBS, thare are 14 schools an 5,147 students in the ceety. Thay are spread oot as 10 elementary schools an 2,894 elementary schuil students, an 6 hie schools an 2,253 hie schuil students. 55.7% o 12t grade students wur entitled tae a matriculation certificate in 2001.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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