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Oor Wullie

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Oor Wullie is a chairacter in a cairtoon in the Sunday Post by Peter Davidson the nou. He's a wee laddie that sits on a bucket, wi a wee dug cryed Harry. Oor Wullie's wee moose is cryed Jeemy. He haes a Maw an Paw, an he uises his cattie tae knack P.C. Murdochs hat aff (cap duntin). He is ayeweys findin himsel in trouble wi the law cause o this.

Oor Wullie disna ken if he is interestit in a lassie cryed Primrose Patterson; she is whiles his girlfriend the nou. He haes three pals that's cryed Fat Bob, Soapy Soutar, an Wee Eck. At the stairt an end o ilka cairtoon he can be fund sittin oan his bucket that he haes a sentimental attachment tae. The stairt o ilka cairtoon haes a rhyme that's in Scots an aa. The cairtoons is written in Englified Scots.

Oor Wullie annuals is setten furth ilka twa year an The Broons (a sib comic cairtoon) annuals is setten furth in the years whan Oor Wullie isna setten furth, whiles thare's the antrin crossower atween the twa comic strips.

Chairacters and story[eedit | eedit soorce]

Oor Wullie graffiti in Glesga

Tho Wullie's hame toun wisna gien a name in the orieginal Watkins cairtoon, its aye been caaed Auchenshoogle syne the 1990s.

Wullie and his pals gaes aboot the streets o his toun, tho he is bytimes seen at the schuil that he disna like. He disna like his dominie that cryes him "William" and gies him a reidie.

Aften, thare's unraelistic get-rich-quick schemes in his adventurs that leads til mischief, an his paurents (Wullie's Paw is caaed “Tam”, the ae reference tae this is in a cairtoon frae the saxties in a conversation atween Paw and PC Murdoch) and local polisman P.C. Joe Murdoch. Wullie's pals wi Fat Boab, Wee Eck, 'Soapy' Soutar and Primrose Paterson (a lassie that likes Wullie). Wullie cryes hissel the hie-heidane o the gang, but the ithers disnae agree.

The gang uised tae meet in a wid shed in the gairden at Wullie's hoose. Efterhaund, the gang wad meet in a auld caravan cryed the "Holly Rude". He uised tae hae anither pal cryed Ezzy, that disnae appear in the strips nouadays, alang wi wi Wullie's wee brither.

Wullie's age haesna aye been the same. Afore in the Watkins cairtoons he leukit aboot 5 or 6, but in Watkins cairtoons that cam efterhaund he leukit aboot 10 or 11. Mair recent-like he haes become a bit yunger again.

Cairtoon annuals[eedit | eedit soorce]

Frae 1940 the Oor Wullie cairtoons haes appeart in a Christmas annual, set furth ivery twa year, chyngin wi The Broons, anither D. C. Thomson cairtoon. (Nae annuals wis set-furth atween 1943 and 1946 wi a want o paper in the War.) Syne 2015, baith cairtoon annuals is set-furth ivery year.

Frae 1996 - the 60t anniversarie o the cairtoon - D.C. Thomson haes set-furth a serie o beuks wi The Broons and Oor Wullie on sindrie pages.

Early cairtoons is aften repeatit in anes set-furth nouadays tui.

Bucket Trails[eedit | eedit soorce]

For tae celebrate Oor Wullie's 80t anniversarie in 2016, thare wis a big public airt project whaur 55 decoratit 5ft sculpturs o Wullie wis pitten aboot Dundee and its pairts wi anither 13 tourin aboot Scotland ower echt week. As weel, 29 smaaer anes wis designt by schuil weans in Dundee as pairt o a eddication programme aboot the Trail. Ilka ane is different, likes o Oor Bowie designt efter David Bowie, or ane for Tim Peake that leuks like a space man. A nummer o weel kent airtists made designs, likes o John Lowrie Morrison (Jolomo), that his “Oor Jolomo” haed some o his classic depictions o “cottages wi reid ruifs” on his dongarees.

The Bucket Trail wis the lairgest mass public airt project tae hae happent in Scotland. It gaed on frae the 17 Juin for twa month,[1] an the sculpturs wis uctiont aff in September 2016 for £883,000.[2] The siller wis gien tae the Archie Foundation's appeal for tae pey for a new surgical suite for bairns at Tayside Children's Hospital. Thare wis a lot o viesitors tae Dundee that cam tae see the Trail. Afore the uction, a fareweel event wis pitten on in Dundee's Slessor Gardens an 95 Oor Wullie statues wis on public display. Ower 12,000 tickets wis selt. Aathegither, aboot 20,000 fowk cam tae the event.

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References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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