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Oghuz leids

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The Oghuz leids ar a sub-branch o the Turkic langage faimily, spakkit bi aroond 108 million fowk. The threy leids wae the maistmuckle nummer o speakers is Turkis, Azerbeijani, an Turkmen. Aw thegither them thry mak up ower 95% o fowk wha talk in Turkic leids.

Kara-Khanid buikman Mahmud al-Kashgari, wha bidit in th'eleevent yeirhunner, said that oghuz leid wis the maist eisy o aw the Turkic leids.

Sweidis turcologist an lingueest Lars Johanson points oot that Oghuz leids creaet an cleerly diffrent an closely relatit pairt waeïn the Turkic langage faimilie cause the culture an politic' historie o the fowk wha talk Oghuz leids hiv joinit them mair akin tae yin anither up til the modren age. Wastren Oghuz leids ar awfae mutuallie intelligible wae themsels an the Crimean Tatar leid.