Nuevo Laredo

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For the municipality, see Nuevo Laredo Municipality.
Nuevo Laredo
Chuparosa (Hummingbird)
Puerta a Mexico (Door tae Mexico)
Lyistetclang (Otomi for Land o Coyotes)
Siempre con la Patria (Aaways wi the Kintra)
Ciudad con Valor (Ceety wi Valor)
Location o Nuevo Laredo athin Tamaulipas
Location o Nuevo Laredo athin Tamaulipas
Location o Tamaulipas athin Mexico
Location o Tamaulipas athin Mexico
Kintra Mexico
State Tamaulipas
MunicipalityNuevo Laredo Coat of Arms.png Nuevo Laredo Municipality
 • Presidente MunicipalBenjamín Galván Gómez
 • City1,334.02 km2 (515.07 sq mi)
 (2010 census)
 • Ceety373,725
 • Metro
 metro aurie includes Laredo, Texas, Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Colombia, Nuevo León, & Villa Hidalgo, Coahuila
Time zoneUTC-6 (CST)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-5 (CST)
Codigo Postal
Aurie code(s)867
WabsteidMunicipio de Nuevo Laredo
Airport: Quetzalcoatl Internaitional Airport MMNL

Nuevo Laredo is a ceety locatit in the Nuevo Laredo Municipality in the Mexican state o Tamaulipas. The ceety lees on the banks o the Río Grande, athort frae the Unitit States ceety o Laredo, Texas. The 2010 census population o the ceety wis 373,725.[1] Nuevo Laredo is pairt o the Laredo-Nuevo Laredo Metropolitan Aurie wi a total population o 636,516. The municipality haes an aurie o 1,334.02 km² (515.07 sq mi). Baith the ceety an the municipality rank as the third lairgest in the state.

The ceety is connected tae Laredo, Texas, athort the Rio Grande (Rio Bravo) river bi three internaitional brigs an a rail brig. The ceety is lairger than its U.S. coonterpairt, but is younger, haein been established efter the Republic o Texas brak awa frae Mexico. It is the lairgest inland port in Mexico, juist as its coonterpairt athort the border is the busiest inland port (brig crossin) in the Unitit States. As an indication o its economic importance, ane o Mexico's Banderas monumentales is locatit in the ceety (these banners hae been established in state caipitals an ceeties o significance).

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