Altamira Municipality, Tamaulipas

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Localization o Altamira athin Tamaulipas

Altamira is a municipality in the Mexican state o Tamaulipas. It is located immediately to the north o the municipalities o Tampico an Ciudad Madero, at the soothren tip of the state o Tamaulipas, on the Guwf o Mexico. Additionally, it borders the municipalities o González on the wast an Aldama on the north, as well as Pánuco in the state o Veracruz on the sootheast. Altamira can refer tae the ceety, foondit in 1749, that is its municipal seat an seicont-lairgest commonty. The municipality is primarily made up o the ceeties o Miramar an Altamira, in addition tae mony smawer ootlyin touns such as Cuauhtémoc. The municipality haes a total aurie of 1,666.53 km² (643.45 sq mi).

Accordin tae the INEGI 2010 census, the municipality haes a population o 212,001 fowk. The ceety o Miramar haed a population o 118,614 an the ceety o Altamira haed a population o 59,536.

The municipality is the industrial an port center for the region - although the Tampico docks on the Pánuco River are still in uise for loose cargo, the Port o Altamira handles aw the containerised cargos.

Altamira´s advantage is haein a Port wi a great territorial reserve o approximately 9500 hectares which allous it tae launch practically ony ktnd o ventur. Altamira haes land an rail connections tae communicate aw companies wi the main consumer mercats an production hubs in Mexico, heichlichtin the northeastren zone which includes the states o Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon an Coahuila. Acause o its privilegit geographical location, the Port o Altamira is easily accesible tae the warld´s main shippin lines, enablin it tae reach ony mercat in ivery continent. The Port o Altamira wis conceivit unner the Industrial Port Model; this means an industrial Park wi its awn Port. This situation results in multiple advantages for investors, syne there is enough space an capacity tae develop aw kynds o industries which will hae a sea port at their disposition, juist a few meters away, enablin them tae be constantly integratit wi their clients an suppleers globally, an they mak their logistic processes mair efficient, resultin in economic benefits.

There is a lairge industrial sector an aw, mainly involvit in petro-chemicals, that provides hintle employment an tax revenue, foreign companies such as DuPont, SABIC, BASF, POSCO, etc. The state is tryin tae encourage construction o a new ile refinery for further integration.

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Coordinates: 22°23′46″N 97°56′13″W / 22.396°N 97.937°W / 22.396; -97.937