North Macedonie–Turkey relations

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North Macedonie–Turkey relations are the bilateral relations atween the Republic o North Macedonie an the Republic o Turkey.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Due tae historical, cultural, an human bonds, North Macedonie an Turkey hae very close an friendly relations.[1] Shortly efter North Macedonie declarit its unthirldom frae the umwhile Yugoslavie in 1991 Turkey recognised North Macedonie's sovereignty as ane o the first kintras tae do so. Bilateral relations wur established on 26 August 1992.[2] North Macedonie haes an embassy in Ankara an a consulate–general in Istanbul, while Turkey haes an embassy in Skopje an a consulate-general in Bitola. An aw, the Turkis leid is a co-offeecial leid in twa municipalities, alangside the Macedonie leid.[citation needit] Turkey an North Macedonie an aw hae good economic relations. Thare are seiveral Turkis companies present in North Macedonie, notably TAV Airports Hauldin an Şişecam. Baith kintras aspire tae join the European Union.

In a Gallup polls conductit in 2010, Turkey is viewed as a friendly kintra wi a positive eemage amang a lairge majority (80 percent) o fowk in the Republic o North Macedonie. Recognition o the Republic o North Macedonie bi Turkey is predicatit on North Macedonie uphsuldin the free movement an richt o Albanies in the kintra.[3] In Februar 2018, Turkis preses Recep Tayyip Erdoğan expressed support o the Republic o North Macedonie's position during negotiations ower the dispute, saying that Greece's poseetion is wrong.[4] Turkey supports the Republic o North Macedonia's bid tae join baith NATO an the EU.[5]

Citizens frae North Macedonie o Turkis oreegin[eedit | eedit soorce]

Pro-Erdogan banner in Gostivar

There are 77,959 citizens declared as Turkis in North Macedonie, forming 3.85% o the population o the kintras.[6] The Turks o North Macedonie serve as a bridge atween the twa states, an wur pairt o a programme for cooperation in the sphere o culture for the period atween 2009 an 2011. According tae the programme baith sides shall intensify the cooperation in different segments o culture an airt. Addeetionally, the kintras shall promote each ither's culture an open Cultural Information Centres - North Macedonie in Istanbul an Turkey in Skopje. On that occasion, the meenister o North Macedonie awso anoonced that the govrenment o North Macedonie decidit tae renew the hoose p Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's parents, located in the veelage o Kodžadžik near Debar.[7] The Turkis authorities alloyed archaeologists frae North Macedonie tae make a copy o the Alexander Sarcophagus that afterwards will be displayed in a museum in North Macedonie.[8]

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