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Norse Airmed Forces

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Norse Airmed Forces
Coat o airms
Current furm1990
Service branches Airmy
Navy (Coast Gaird)
File:Luftforsvaret ny logo.png Air Force
Hame Gaird
HeidquartersNorse Jyint Headquarters
WabsteidOfficial website
Commander-in-ChiefKeeng Harald
Prime MeenisterErna Solberg
Meenister o DefenceFrank Bakke Jensen
Chief o DefenceAdmiral Haakon Bruun-Hanssen
Militar ageMale: 17-44 (55 for officers) years of age for compulsory militar service. Female: 17 years of age for militar service. Compulsory for females born in 2000 or later.
Conscription19-month service obligation.
Reachin militar
age annually
31,980 males,
30,543 females
Active personnel23,250 (2018)[1]
Reserve personnel40,000 in the Norwegian Home Guard (2018)[1]
Deployed personnel266 (2018)[2]
BudgetUS$7.179 billion (2019)[3]
Percent o GDP1.70% (2019)[3]
Relatit airticles
HistoryMilitar history o Norawa
RanksRanks and insignia

The Norse Airmed Forces (Norse: Forsvaret, "The Defence") is the militar organisation responsible for the defence of Norawa. It conseest of fower brainches, the Norse Airmy, the Ryal Norse Navy, which includes the Coast Gaird, the Ryal Norse Air Force, and the Hame Gaird, as well as seiveral jynt departments.

The militar force in peace time is aroo d 23,250 personnel including militar and ceevilian staff, and aroond 63,250 in total with the current militar personnel, conscripts and the Norse Hame Gaird in full mobilization.[1]

An organised militar wis first assembled in Norway in the 9th century and wis early focused aroond naval warfare. The airmy wis creatit in 1628 as pairt of Denmark-Norawa, follaed bi twa centuries of regular wars. A Norse militar wis established in 1814, but the militar did nae see combat until the German occupation o Nirawa in 1940. Norawa abandoned its poseetion as a neutral country in 1949 tae become a foondin member o the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). The Caukd War saw a muckle build-up o air stations an militar bases, especially in Northren Norawa. Syne the 2000s, the militar has transformed frae a focus on defence frae an invasion tae a mobile force for internaitional missions. Amang European NATO members, the militar expenditure o US$7.2 billion is the heichest per capita.


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