Nina Hossain

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Nina Hossain
Born (1975-05-01) 1 Mey 1975 (age 46)
Wast Yorkshire,
Unitit Kinrick
Alma materVarsity o Durham,
University of Central Lancashire
ThriftJurnalist, presenter, newscaster
Notable credit(s)ITV News, London Tonight
Hauf-marrae(s)Craig O'Hara (1996–2004)
Pairtner(s)Stuart Thomas
(2005 – present)
ParentsTabarek Hossain (father)
Pamela Hossain (mother)
RelativesRezina Hossain (sister)

Nina Rathryn Hossain is an Inglis televeesion braidcaster fae Huddersfield, altho she nou bides in sooth Lunnon. She is best kent as a presenter o the wittins for ITN. She wis at Border Telly for fower year forby, daein wark baith afore an ahint the camera.

Nina's vyce wis aften heard on Hard Spell, a BBC spellin competeetion for bairns, acause o her unco abeelity tae pronoonce wirds - whiles awfu lang wirds - in a gey clear mainer.

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