Nils Olav

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Coordinates: 55°56′40″N 3°16′20″W / 55.94444°N 3.27222°W / 55.94444; -3.27222

Nils Olav
Nils Olav wide.jpg
SpeciesKeeng penguin
Militar career
Allegiance Norawa
Service/branchNorwegian army coat of arms.svg Norse Airmy
Years o service1972–1987 (first)
1987–efter 2008 (seicont)
afore 2016–present (third)[1]
RankArmy-NOR-OF-06.svg Brigadier, Colonel-in-Chief an mascot
UnitHans Majestet Kongens Garde

Brigadier Sir Nils Olav is a keeng penguin wha resides in Edinburgh Zoo, Scotland. He is the mascot[2][3][4] an Colonel-in-Chief o the Norse Keeng's Gaird.

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