Nico Rosberg

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Nico Rosberg
Nico Rosberg 2010 Malaysia.jpg
Born 27 Juin 1985 (1985-06-27) (age 30)
Wiesbaden, Wast Germany
Formula Ane Warld Championship career
Naitionality  German
Races 182 (182 stairts)
Championships 0
Wins 11
Podiums 38
Career pynts 1134.5
Pole poseetions 19
Fastest laps 13
First race 2006 Bahrain Grand Prix
First win 2012 Cheenese Grand Prix
Last win 2013 British Grand Prix
Last race 2015 Unitit States Grand Prix
2012 position 9t (93 pts)

Nico Erik Rosberg (born 27 Juin 1985) is a German racin driver for the Mercedes Formula Ane team. He races unner the German flag in Formula Ane, an haes an aa briefly competit for Finland very early in his career. He haulds dual naitionality o these twa kintras.[1]

Rosberg wan the 2005 GP2 Series for the ART team, havin raced in Formula 3 Euro Series previously for his faither Keke Rosberg's racin organisation Team Rosberg.

For the 2010 Formula Ane saison, Rosberg jyned the re-brandit Mercedes team, furmed bi Mercedes's takower o 2009 constructors' champions Brawn GP. Syne then, Rosberg haes enjoyed his maist successful period, winnin three Grands Prix an earnin fower pole poseetions.

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