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Netherlands naitional fitbaw team

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Clockwork Orange[1]
The Flying Dutchmen[2]
AssociationKoninklijke Nederlandse Voetbalbond (KNVB)
ConfederationUEFA (Europe)
Heid coachRonald Koeman[3]
Maist kaipsWesley Sneijder (134)
Tap scorerRobin van Persie (50)
Hame stadiumAmsterdam Arena (52,500)
De Kuip (47,500)
Philips Stadion (35,000)
First colours
Second colours
FIFA rankin
Current 7 Steady (20 Julie 2023)[4]
Heichest1[5] (August 2011 – September 2011)
Lawest25 (May 1998)
Elo rankin
Current 10 Decrease 4 (17 Julie 2023)[6]
Heichest1 (Mar 1911 – Mar 1912, Jun 1912, Aug 1920; Jun 1978, Jun 1988 – Jun 1990, Jun–Sep 1992, Jun 2002, Jun–Sep 2003, Oct 2005, Jun 2008, Jul 2010, Jun 2014)
Lawest56 (October 1954)
First international
 Belgium 1–4 (a.e.t.) Netherlands Netherlands
(Antwerp, Belgium; 30 April 1905)
Biggest win
Netherlands Netherlands 11–0 San Marino 
(Eindhoven, Netherlands; 2 September 2011)
Biggest defeat
Ingland England Am. 12–2 Netherlands Netherlands
(Darlington, Ingland; 21 Dizember 1907)[7]
Warld Cup
Appearances10 (first in 1934)
Best resultRunners-up, 1974, 1978 and 2010
European Championship
Appearances9 (first in 1976)
Best resultChampions, 1988

The Netherlands naitional fitbaw team (Dutch: Nederlands nationaal voetbalelftal) represents the Netherlands in internaitional association fitbaw. It is controlled bi the Ryal Dutch Fitbaa Association (KNVB), the govrening bouk for fitbaw in the Netherlands.

The team is colloquially referred tae as Het Nederlands Elftal (The Dutch Eleiven) an Oranje, efter the Hoose o Orange-Nassau. Like the kintra itsel, the team is sometimes referred tae as Holland.[8]

The Dutch hauld the record for playin the maist Warld Cup feenals athoot iver winnin the tournament. They finished seicont in the 1974, 1978, an 2010 Warld Cups, luisin tae Wast Germany, Argentinae, an Spain respectively. The team is vera famous for its mastery o Total Football. They wan the UEFA European Championship in 1988.


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