Neon Genesis Evangelion

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Neon Genesis Evangelion
Evangelion retouched.png
Teetle caird o the anime televeesion series
(Shin Seiki Evangerion)
Genre Mecha,[1] psychological,[2] science feection[3]
Anime televeesion series
Directed bi Hideaki Anno
Produced bi Noriko Kobayashi
Yutaka Sugiyama
Written bi Hideaki Anno
Music by Shirō Sagisu
Studio Tatsunoko Production
Licensed bi
ADV Films (umwhile)
Network TV Tokyo
Inglis network
Oreeginal run 4 October 1995 27 Mairch 1996
Episodes 26 (Leet o episodes)

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Neon Genesis Evangelion[4] (Japanese: 新世紀エヴァンゲリオン, Hepburn: Shinseiki Evangerion, literally "The Gospel o the New Century") is a Japanese mecha anime televeesion series produced bi Gainax an Tatsunoko Production an directit bi Hideaki Anno, an wis braidcast on TV Tokyo frae October 1995 tae Mairch 1996.

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