Naitional Diet Leebrary

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(Kokuritsu Kokkai Toshokan)
(Naitional Diet Leebrar (NDL))
Kintra Japan
Type Naitional Leebrar, Pairlamentary Leebrar
Established 1948
Reference tae legal mandate Naitional Diet Leebrar Law
Location Tokyo, Kyoto
Coordinates 35°40′42″N 139°44′39″E / 35.67833°N 139.74417°E / 35.67833; 139.74417Coordinates: 35°40′42″N 139°44′39″E / 35.67833°N 139.74417°E / 35.67833; 139.74417
Branches 27
Items collectit beuks, journals, newspapers, electronic airchives, manuscripts, offeecial publications, doctoral dissertations, cairts, sheet muisic
Size 34.7 million items
Criterie for collection Publications issued in Japan, statutes an pairlamentary documents, publications on Japan, reference material, material on science an technology, publications o internaitional organisations an foreign govrenments, bairn's leeteratur an relatit material, Asian wirks
Legal deposit legal deposit
Access and use
Access requirements aichteen years o age or aulder for the Tokyo Main Leebrar an the Kansai-kan
Population served members o the Diet (722: fixed number as o Feb. 2009) an the general public
Other information
Budget JPY 20,163M (FY2008) (USD 221M)
Director Noritada Otaki (2012)[1]
Staff 908

The Naitional Diet Leebrar (NDL) (国立国会図書館, Kokuritsu Kokkai Toshokan) is the anly naitional leebrar in Japan.

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