Nathan Barley

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Nathan Barley
File:Nathan Barley.jpg
Cover of the DVD release
Creautit biChris Morris

Charlie BrookerStarninJulian Barratt
Nicholas Burns
Claire Keelan
Richard Ayoade
Rhys Thomas
Ben WhishawKintra o oreeginUnited KingdomNo. o series1No. o episodes6ProductionLenth26 minutesReleaseOreeginal networkChannel 4Oreeginal releaseLua error in mw.lua at line 141: field 'month' missing in date table.

Nathan Barley is a British Channel 4 televeesion sitcom writtin bi Charlie Brooker an Chris Morris, starrin Nicholas Burns, Julian Barratt, Claire Keelan, Richard Ayoade, Ben Whishaw, Rhys Thomas an Charlie Condou. The series o sax weekly speals began braidcastin on 11 Februar 2005 on Channel 4. Descrived bi his creautor as a "meaninless struntin cadaver-in-waitin", the character oreeginated on Brooker's TVGoHome – a wabsteid parodying televeesion listins – as the focus o a flee-on-the-wall documentary cawed Cunt.