Naitional Museum o Scotland

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Naitional Museum o Scotland
Museum of Scotland.jpg
The Museum o Scotland biggin, pairt o the Naitional Museum o Scotland
General information
Airchitectural style Victorian Romanesque Revival an modren
Toun or ceety Edinburgh
Kintra Scotland
Construction stairtit 1861
Completit 1866 an 1998
Inauguratit 1866
Renovatit 2011
Design an construction
Airchitect Benson & Forsyth
Structural ingineer Anthony Hunt Associates

The Naitional Museum o Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland, wis formed in 2006 wi the merger o the new Museum o Scotland, wi collections relatin tae Scots antiquities, cultur an history, an the adjacent Ryal Museum (sae renamed in 1995), wi collections coverin science an technology, naitural history, an warld culturs.

Coordinates: 55°56′49″N 3°11′24″W / 55.94694°N 3.19000°W / 55.94694; -3.19000