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Naitional Museum o Scotland

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Naitional Museum o Scotland
The Museum o Scotland biggin, pairt o the Naitional Museum o Scotland
General information
Airchitectural styleVictorian Romanesque Revival an modren
Toun or ceetyEdinburgh
Biggin stairtit1861
Completit1866 an 1998
Design an construction
AirchitectBenson & Forsyth
Structural ingineerAnthony Hunt Associates

The Naitional Museum o Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland, wis formed in 2006 wi the merger o the new Museum o Scotland, wi collections relatin tae Scots antiquities, cultur an history, an the adjacent Ryal Museum (sae renamed in 1995), wi collections coverin science an technology, naitural history, an warld culturs.

Coordinates: 55°56′49″N 3°11′24″W / 55.94694°N 3.19000°W / 55.94694; -3.19000