Naitional Alliance (Unitit States)

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The Naitional Alliance is a white separatist politeecal organisation. It wis foondit bi William Luther Pierce in 1974, an is based in the Pierce faimily's compound in Hillsboro, Wast Virginia. Awtho it operates primarily in the Unitit States, the Naitional Alliance claims tae hae members in various kintras aw throughoot the warld. Membership is no based upon citizenship in ony parteecular kintra, but ae upon aw-white, non-Jewish European ancestry. The Naitional Alliance is aften includit in leets o neo-Nazi groups bi thair politeecal rivals, in pairt due tae its alleged glorification o Adolf Hitler. For ensaumple, wi'in an airticle appearin in a 1989 issue o ane o its magazines Naitional Vanguard haed celebratit the 100t anniversary o Hitler's birth, declarin him "the greatest man o oor era".