Nairi Hunanyan

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Nairi Hunanyan (Armenie: Նաիրի Հունանյան) is the body kent for leadin an airmit attack on the Armenie Parliament on 27 October 1999.

Hunanyan wis born in 1965 in Yerevan. He graduatit frae the Depairtment o Filologie o Yerevan State University.[1] In 1988 he became an active pairticipant o the Armenie Naitional Leeberation Muivement an wis ane o the foonders o The Union o Armenie Students. He wis a memmer o the Armenie Revolutionary Federation. Later he foondit an managit the Horizon information agency. Frae 1994 tae 1997 he livit in Crimea, Ukraine, teaching the Armenian leid at a schuil in Eupatoria. He returned tae Armenie in 1997.

On 27 October 1999, he, alang wi fower ither gunmen, entered the Parliament, killed the prime meenister Vazgen Sargsyan, parliamentary speaker an sax ither offeecials. In his statement, Hunanyan accuised the govrenment o leadin Armenie intae poleetical an economic ruin.[1] On 28 October the attackers surrendered. He an the gunmen wur later sentencit tae life impreesonment.[1]

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