Nabi Tajima

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Nabi Tajima
田島 ナビ
Native name田島 ナビ
Born4 August 1900(1900-08-04)
Wan Veelage (nou Kikai Town), Kagoshima, Japan
Dee'd(2018-04-21)21 Apryle 2018
(aged 117 years, 260 days)
Kikai, Japan
ResidenceKikai, Kagoshima, Japan
Kent for
  • Auldest leevin person (frae 15 September 2017 tae 21 Apryle 2018)
  • Auldest verifee'd Japanese person iver
Hauf-marrae(s)Tominishi Tajima

Nabi Tajima (田島 ナビ, Tajima Nabi, 4 August 1900 – 21 Apryle 2018)[1][2][3] wis a Japanese supercentenarian. She wis the warld's auldest verified livin person an the last survivin person born in the 19t century.[4][5] She is the auldest verified Japanese an Asian person iver.

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