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NPO Mashinostroyeniya

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NPO mashinostroyeniya (Cyrillic: "НПО машиностроения") is a rocket design bureau based in Reutov, Roushie. Durin the cauld war it wis responsible for several major wappens seestems, includin the SS-19 Intercontinental ballistic missile an the militar Almaz space station program.

NPO mashinostroyeniya wis foondit in 1944, unner the leadership o Vladimir Chelomei who directit till his daith in 1984. Oreeginally pairt o the OKB-51 design bureau, it relocatit tae Reutov, an frae 1955 tae 1966 wis designatit OKB-52 (an OKB-52 MAP an aw). It wis the main rival o OKB-1 (then the design bureau o Sergey Korolev) durin the Soviet manned lunar programs an the Soviet space station program – OKB-52 became later kent as TsKBM an OKB-1 became TsKBEM, the day RKK Energia.[1]

Indie is NPO's seicont lairgest customer efter Roushie for sale o P-70 Ametist, BrahMos, P-800 Oniks an possibly the P-500 Bazalt

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