NHS Scotland

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Mony central functions o NHS Scotland are hoosed at the Scots Govrenment's Victoria Quay biggin in Leith, Edinburgh.
Public healthcare service owerview
Precedin agencies
HeidquartersSt Andrae's Hoose, Regent Road, Edinburgh, EH1 3DG
Annual budget£12.2 billion (2015-16)
Meenister responsible
Depute Meenisters responsible
Public healthcare service executive
  • Paul Gray, Director-General Heal an Social Care an Chief Executive o NHSScotland
Paurent departmentHeal an Social Care Directorates
Child agencies
Key documents

NHS Scotland, whiles styled NHSScotland is the publicly fundit healcare seestem in Scotland. Heal an social care policy an fundin are the responsibility o the Heal an Social Care Directorates o the Scots Govrenment. Scotland's NHS wis established in 1948.

The current Cabinet Secretar for Heal an Sport is Shona Robison an the heid o staff is the Director-General Heal an Social Care an Chief Executive o NHS Scotland, Paul Gray.[1]

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