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Aboot this soondMultan  (Multani/Urdu: مُلتان‎), is a ceety in the Punjab Province o Pakistan an caipital o the Multan Destrict. It is locatit in the soothren pairt o the province on the east bank o the Chenab River, mair or less in the geographic centre o the kintra an aboot 562 km (349 mi) frae Islamabad, 356 km (221 mi) frae Lahore an 966 km (600 mi) frae Karachi. Multan Destrict haes a population o 3.1 million (1998).[1]

Multan is kent as the Ceety o Sufis or Ceety o Saunts an Madinah-Tul-Oleyah due tae the lairge nummer o shrines an Sufi saunts frae the ceety. The ceety is full o bazaars, mosques, shrines an ornate tombs. It is locatit in a bend creatit bi five rivers o the Punjab province. The Sutlej River separates it frae Bahawalpur an the Chenab River frae Muzaffar Garh. The ceety haes grown tae acome an influential poleetical an economical centre for the kintra, wi a dry port an excellent transport links. Multan is famous for its crops: wheat, cotton an succar cane as well as mangoes, citrus, guavas an pomegranates.

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Coordinates: 30°11′52″N 71°28′16″E / 30.1978°N 71.4711°E / 30.1978; 71.4711