Mugen Motorsports

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Team Mugen caur (Sena Sakaguchi in 2018)
Team Mugen caur (Sena Sakaguchi in 2018)

Mugen Motorsports (M-TEC Co., Ltd) (無限) is a Japanese company formed in 1973 bi Hirotoshi Honda, the son o Honda Motor Company foonder Soichiro Honda, an Masao Kimura. Mugen, meanin "Without Limit", or "Unlimited", (hence the commonly placed wird "Pouer" efter, denotin "Unlimited Pouer") is an ingine tuner an pairts manufacturer closely associatit wi the Honda Motor Company. Despite the family connections, housomeivver, Mugen is no, an haes niver been, awned bi Honda. Things wur complicated for some time as Mugen wis awned an run bi Hirotoshi Honda, who haes been the major shareholder in Honda since his father's daith in 1991.

The company tunes an races Honda vehicles in the Super GT championship, an, additionally, sells eftermarket parts tae amateur enthusiasts. It wis pairt o partnerships that wan the Formula 3000 championship in 1990 an 1991, an that eventually led tae Mugen's involvement in Formula Ane, frae 1992 tae 2000, an up to 2005 wis the exclusive supplier o Formula Nippon ingines.

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