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Mueang Samut Prakan Destrict

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Mueang Samut Prakan

Amphoe location in Samut Prakan Province
Amphoe location in Samut Prakan Province
Coordinates: 13°36′2″N 100°35′48″E / 13.60056°N 100.59667°E / 13.60056; 100.59667Coordinates: 13°36′2″N 100°35′48″E / 13.60056°N 100.59667°E / 13.60056; 100.59667
Kintra Thailand
ProvinceSamut Prakan
SeatPak Nam
 • Total190.5 km2 (73.6 sq mi)
 • Total518,787
 • Density2722/km2 (7,050/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+7 (THA)
Postal code10270

Mueang Samut Prakan (Thai: เมืองสมุทรปราการ; IPA: [mɯ̄aŋ sāmùt prāːkāːn]) is the caipital destrict (Amphoe Mueang) o Samut Prakan Province, central Thailand. The destrict haes the heichest population o aw destricts o Thailand.

Tourist attractions

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Sangphet Prasat Throne Hall in Mueang Boran

Thare are nou 3 major tourist attractions o the province are locatit in the caipital destrict.

In Tambon Bang Pu Mai is Mueang Boran or Auncient City, a pairk that featurs downscaled replicas o aw major historical biggins o Thailand. It wis uised as a set for some scenes in the film Two Brothers.

Thare is the Erawan Museum an aw which is a lairge sculptur o the 3 heidit elephant. Inside is a museum that featurs 4 pillars depictin the major releegions o the warld, various theistic themes an sculpturs made uisin pottery.

The ither popular tourist draw is the Crocodile Farm in Tambon Tai Ban.


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The destrict is subdividit intae 13 subdistricts (tambon). The ceety (thesaban nakhon) Samut Prakan covers the whole tambon Pak Nam. Thare are 5 subdestrict municipalities (thesaban tambon) - Dan Sam Rong covers pairts o tambon Samrong Nuea, Samrong Nuea covers further pairts o tambon Samron Nuea an pairts o Bang Mueang Mai an Thepharak. Bang Mueang covers pairts o tambon Bang Mueang, Bang Mueang Mai an Thepharak. Bang Pu covers the whole tambon Bang Pu, Bang Pu Mai, Thai Ban an Thai Ban Mai; Phraek Sa covers pairts o tambon Phraek Sa an Phraek Sa Mai. Thare are further 6 Tambon admeenistrative organisations (TAOs) responsible for the nan-municipal auries.

No. Name Thai name Veelages Inh.[1]
1. Pak Nam ปากน้ำ - 57,046
2. Samrong Nuea สำโรงเหนือ 10 72,666
3. Bang Mueang บางเมือง 10 54,319
4. Thai Ban ท้ายบ้าน 11 24,652
8. Bang Pu Mai บางปูใหม่ 10 36,842
10. Phraek Sa แพรกษา 8 27,969
11. Bang Prong บางโปรง 4 8,822
12. Bang Pu บางปู 4 7,037
13. Bang Duan บางด้วน 8 8,744
14. Bang Mueang Mai บางเมืองใหม่ 11 49,314
15. Thepharak เทพารักษ์ 9 49,851
16. Thai Ban Mai ท้ายบ้านใหม่ 8 45,269
17. Phraek Sa Mai แพรกษาใหม่ 6 17,610

The missin geocodes in the table are the tambon which war split aff at the creation o Phra Samut Chedi Destrict.


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The Thai Sikh International School is locatit in Samrong, in the destrict.[2]


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