Bang Sao Thong Destrict

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Bang Sao Thong

Amphoe location in Samut Prakan Province
Amphoe location in Samut Prakan Province
Coordinates: 13°35′42″N 100°49′50″E / 13.59500°N 100.83056°E / 13.59500; 100.83056Coordinates: 13°35′42″N 100°49′50″E / 13.59500°N 100.83056°E / 13.59500; 100.83056
Kintra Thailand
ProvinceSamut Prakan
SeatBang Sao Thong
 • Total114.79 km2 (44.32 sq mi)
 • Total54,843
 • Density477.8/km2 (1,237/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+7 (THA)
Postal code10540

Bang Sao Thong (Thai: บางเสาธง; IPA: [bāːŋ sǎw tʰōŋ]) is a destrict (Amphoe) o Samut Prakan Province in central Thailand.

Geografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Neebourin destricts are Lat Krabang (Bangkok) tae the north, Bang Bo tae the east an Bang Phli tae the wast.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Bang Phli New Toun (Thai Mueang Mai Bang Phli) wis established atween 1992 tae 1993 as a residential aurie for heich-income faimilies. The aurie aroond the new toun comprisin three tambon wis then split aff frae Bang Phli Destrict an shapit the new minor destrict (Keeng Amphoe), becomin effective on 1 Apryle 1995.[1]

The new toun covers aboot 20,000 hames an can hauld mair nor 100,000 fowk. Thare is a complex o public facilities directly east o the toun an aw. Athort the Bang Phli New Toun Road east o these facilities are office biggins.

Follaeing a decision o the Thai govrenment on 15 Mey 2007, aw o the 81 minor destricts wur tae be upgradit tae full destricts.[2] Wi the publishing in the Royal Gazette on August 24 the upgrade became offeecial .[3]

Admeenistration[eedit | eedit soorce]

The destrict is subdividit intae 3 subdestricts (tambon), which are further subdividit intae 39 veelages (muban). Bang Sao Thong is a tounship (thesaban tambon) which covers pairts otambon Bang Sao Thong an Sisa Chorakhe Yai. Each o the tambon haes a Tambon admeenistrative organization (TAO) responsible for the nan-municipal aurie.

No. Name Thai name Veelages Inh.
1. Bang Sao Thong บางเสาธง 17 41,882
2. Sisa Chorakhe Noi  ศีรษะจรเข้น้อย 10 6,339
3. Sisa Chorakhe Yai ศีรษะจรเข้ใหญ่  12 6,622

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