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The Mowdiwarp (Talpa europaea) is a mammal in the order Eulipotyphla. It leeves unnergrund in a tunnel seestems that it's aye eikin tae. It uises thir tunnels for tae hunt its prey. For ordinar the howit yird is pusht abuin the grund, the affcome bein the chairactereestic "mowdiehills".

Mowdiwarps maistly eat worms an insects.

Mowdiwarps haes a ceelinder-lie bouk an is aboot 12 cm (5 1/4 inches) lang. Females is for ordinar wee-er nor males. The een is smaw, an hidden ahint fur. The lugs is juist a wee rig in the skin. The fur is for ordinar daurk gray, but the actual reenge o colours is lairger.