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Mount Asama

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Mount Asama
浅間山 (Asama-yama)
Munt Asama in 2013
Heichest pynt
Elevation2,568 m (8,425 ft)
LeetinLeet o muntains an hills o Japan bi hicht
Leet o the 100 famous muntains in Japan
Leet o volcanoes in Japan
Coordinates36°24′N 138°31′E / 36.400°N 138.517°E / 36.400; 138.517
LocationHonshū, Japan
Topo mapGeographical Survey Institute 25000:1 浅間山
50000:1 長野
Age o rockLate PleistoceneHolocene[1]
Muntain teepComposite Volcano, stratovolcano
Last eruption2009

Mount Asama (浅間山, Asama-yama) is an active complex volcano in central Honshū, the main island o Japan. The volcano is the maist active on Honshū.[2] The Japan Meteorological Agency classifies Mount Asama as rank A.[3] It staunds 2,568 metre (8,425 ft) abuin sea level on the border o Gunma an Nagano prefecturs. It is ane o the 100 famous muntains in Japan. A cruiser class o the Imperial Japanese Navy wis named efter it, includin lead ship Asama.

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