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Moskvitch 402

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A police caur Moskvitch 407 in Budapest.
A police caur Moskvitch 407 in Budapest.

The Moskvitch 402 is a small family caur manufactured bi the Umwhile Soviet maker MZMA, first time introduced in 1956 as a seicont generation o the Moskvitch 400/401 series. Unlik its predecessor, which wis based on Opel Kadett's body, 402 featurt mony improvements sic as fower doors an a standard caur radio.

Moskvitch 402 shared the same 4-cylinder flathead ingine as its predecessors, houever, whose construction datit back in the late 1930s o German ingineerin. The maximal speed that coud be obtained on a free driveway wis 88–90 km/h (54 mph), nae mair nor a slicht increase ower the 401 series (an maistly due tae considerable reductions in body wecht). It wis no till 1958 that the ingine wis replaced wi MZMA's OHV development (amang ither changes tae the motor) which allowed tae obtain a maximal speed increase up tae 115 km/h (70 mph) an a muckle less noisy drive. The new ingine 402 model wis manufactured as Moskvitch 407.

In 1961, the 407 model wis further upgradit wi an even stranger, faster M-407D1-D2 ingine (allowin tae haundle the fowert speed on a manual transmission), self-adjustin brake cylinders an hydraulic clutch drive, alangside a completely restructured driver's interior panel. This model, manufactured as Moskvitch 403, served as a transition atween the seicont an the third generation o Moskvitches, which debuted in 1964. The 402 model wis completely discontinued bi August 1959, wi the 407 production endin in 1963 an the 403 in 1965.

Moskvitches 402 an 407 coud be considered as the first step in USSR/Roushie's automotive history towards producin customer-adaptit trim levels for various uises. While the 407 model providit greater drivin comfort at bigger expenses, ither trims an aa includit the 424 station wagon available for the general public, 431 delivery pick-up/ambulance van an even the 410/411 attempt o creatin an SUV-based sedan/station wagon.

Trims an body styles[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Moskvitch 402 — the oreeginal series, produced frae 1956 tae 1959.
  • Moskvitch 407 — same series wi modified ingine an frontal grille, produced frae 1958 tae 1963.
  • Moskvitch 403 — improved version o 407, wi notable interior accommodations. Produced frae 1961 tae 1965.
  • Moskvitch 423 — seicont generation station wagon (efter Moskvitch 422-422K), produced atween 1957 an 1958.
  • Moskvitch 423H — its upgradit version (407 ingine featurt), produced 1958 throu 1963.
  • Moskvitch 410 — first Soviet crossover, briefly produced atween 1957 an 1958.
  • Moskvitch 410H — an upgrade on the 410 model (seemilar tae the 403 upgrade o 407) featurin, houever, a lesser drivetrain. Produced 1961 throu 1964.
  • Moskvitch 411 — a station wagon crossover, produced atween 1959 an 1961.
  • Moskvitch 430 an 430H — baith twa-door delivery pick-ups, wi H bein its crossover variant. The H wis never released, houever, due tae increasin production costs, while 430 itself wis briefly manufactured in 1958.
  • Moskvitch 424 — the 423 model redesigned tae featur a convertible passengers/cargo rear compartment, possible unification o 423 an 430 models released frae 1963 tae 1965.
  • Moskvitch 432 — delivery pick-up variant based on 403 model, produced an discontinued in 1964 in favor o Moskvitch 433.
  • Moskvitch 407 coupe — short-lived 2-door sport variant o 407, produced in 1962.