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Morris Major Elite

The Morris Major an Austin Lancer ar passenger caur models produced bi the British Motor Corporation o Australie (BMC) atween 1958 an 1964. The Morris Major name haed been uised afore bi Morris Motors in Ingland, first appearin atween 1931 an 1933.

Backgrund[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Major an Lancer evolved tho three series (I, II an Elite,) wi the first incarnations bein badge engineered clones o the contemporary Wolseley 1500 an Riley One-Point-Five models then on sale in the Unitit Kinrick. The Austin Lancer wis phased-oot o production bi Aprile 1962. Thir models wur wholly produced at BMC's Zetland plant in Sydney, Australie an wur unique tae that kintra, haein aroond 98% local content. Mony examples wur an aa exportit tae New Zealand.

The Morris Major/Austin Lancer/Wolseley 1500/Riley One-Point-Five aw shared the same core design which haed oreeginally been developed as a possible replacement for the ever-popular Morris Minor bi BMC's in-hoose design team at Longbridge, England. That plan wis abandoned due tae the Minor's unwaverin appeal wi the buyin public an a Wolseley version wis instead unveiled in 1957, followed bi the Riley. Thay wur licht, close-coupled saloons incorporatin the front torsion bar/rear leaf spring suspension, floorpan an superb rack an pinion steerin frae the Morris Minor. Thir automotive "quadruplets" wur pouered bi the famous B series pouer unit (I4,) o 1489 cc. Frae 1962 the 1622 cc version o this ingine, developed in Australie, pouered the Major Elite. Aw wur equipped wi lairge, hivy duty drum brakes - bi Lockheed for the Wolseley, Morris an Austin an Girling for the Riley. This formula resultit in a popular smaa-tae-medium faimily caur wi lively performance, robust big an road manners that wur quite abuin average for the time. The Major an Lancer, as distinct frae the sportier an mair luxurious Wolseley/Riley caurs, shared a seemilar level o appointment, finish an ingine tune wi contemporary Morris an Austin models. Awtho comparatively modest, the Major/Lancer haed a generally hie level o comfort an quality: it wis a modren caur offerin soond value. The sportin potential o the Major/Lancer wis recognised almaist immediately an specialist-modified caurs wur raced successfully at a professional level intae the early 1960s.