Moorside Nuclear Pouer Station

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Moorside nuclear pouer station
KintraUnitit Kinrick
LocationSellafield, Cumbria
Coordinates54°25′46″N 3°30′39″W / 54.429566°N 3.510911°W / 54.429566; -3.510911Coordinates: 54°25′46″N 3°30′39″W / 54.429566°N 3.510911°W / 54.429566; -3.510911

Moorside Nuclear Pouer Station is proponed for a site naur Sellafield, in Cumbria, Unitit Kinrick. The original plan by NuGeneration, whilk is the Breetish subsidiary o Toshiba-owned Westinghouse Electric Company, hed the stàtion comin online frae 2024 wi 3.4GW o new nuclear capacity, frae 3 AP1000 reactors. Wark up till 2018 wad include acquirin the site licence, the development consent order, an ither required permits an permissions fur tae stert the wark. Site preparation wad tak twa year, up tae 2020. Follaein the Chapter 11 bankruptcy o Westinghouse in March 2017, the projeck wis pittit unner review. In December 2017, Korea Electric Power Corporation (Kepco) wis named as prefert bidder. Kepco is thocht tae prefer their ain APR-1400 reactor design for the site, a design at hisnae yet gaun through generic design assessment wi the UK's Office for Nuclear Regulation.

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