Moont Kosciuszko

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Moont Kosciuszko
Jagungal, Jar-gan-gil, Tar-gan-gil, Tackingal[1]
Mount Kosciuszko01Oct06.JPG
View o Moont Kosciuszko frae the east
Heichest pynt
Elevation2,228 m (7,310 ft) [2][3]
Prominence2,228 m (7,310 ft) [2]
Isolation1,894.26 km (1,177.04 mi) [2]
Coordinates36°27′27″S 148°15′44″E / 36.45750°S 148.26222°E / -36.45750; 148.26222Coordinates: 36°27′27″S 148°15′44″E / 36.45750°S 148.26222°E / -36.45750; 148.26222[4]
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LocationSnowy Moontains, New Sooth Wales, Australie
Parent rangeMain Range, Great Dividin Range
Topo mapPerisher Valley
First ascent1840 bi Paweł Edmund Strzelecki (European)[2][4]
Easiest routeWalk (dirt road)

Moont Kosciuszko is a moontain locatit on the Main Range o the Snowy Moontains in Kosciuszko Naitional Pairk, pairt o the Australie Alps Naitional Pairks an Reserves, in New Sooth Wales, Australie.

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