Mo Yan

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Mo Yan
Mo Yan in 2008
BornGuan Moye (管谟业)
(1955-02-17) 17 Februar 1955 (age 69)
Gaomi, Shandong, Cheenae
Pen nameMo Yan
ThriftWriter, teacher
EddicationMaster o Leeteratur an Airt -
Beijing Normal Varsity (1991)
Graduatit -
Fowk's Liberation Airmy
Airt Schuil (1986)
Period1981 – present
Notable warksReid Sorghum Clan,
The Republic o Wine,
Life an Daith Are Wearin Me Oot
Notable awairdsNobel Prize in Leeteratur
SpooseDu Qinlan (杜勤兰) (1979-present)
BairnsGuan Xiaoxiao (管笑笑) (Born in 1981)

Guan Moye (simplifeed Cheenese: 管谟业; traditeeonal Cheenese: 管謨業; pinyin: Guǎn Móyè; born 17 Februar 1955), better kent bi the pen name Mo Yan (/m jɛn/, Cheenese: 莫言; pinyin: Mò Yán), is a Cheenese novelist an short story writer. He haes been referred bi Donald Morrison o U.S. news magazine TIME as "ane o the maist famous, oft-banned an widely piratit o aw Cheenese writers",[2] an bi Jim Leach as the Cheenese answer tae Franz Kafka or Joseph Heller.[3] He is best kent tae Wastren readers for his 1987 novel Reid Sorghum Clan, o which the Reid Sorghum an Sorghum Wine volumes wur later adaptit for the film Reid Sorghum. In 2012, Mo wis awairdit the Nobel Prize in Leeteratur for his wirk as a writer "who wi hallucinatory realism merges folk tales, history an the contemporary".[4][5]

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