Mkhitar Sparapet

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Mkhitar Sparapet
Մխիթար Սպարապետ
Murthered bi Armenie veelagers o Khndzoresk.
Buried atA tomb in a gorge near Nerkin Khndzoresk an Auld Khndzoresk.
AllegianceArmenie naitional muivement
Years o service1722/5-1728; 1728-1730

Mkhitar Sparapet (Armenie: Մխիթար Սպարապետ; Sparapet meanin "general", "constable" or rather "supreme commander o the airmit forces") (?-1730) wis an 18t century Armenie naitional hero an pairticipant in the struggle for preservin the Armenie heritage in the Zangezur region o Transcaucasie. He wis instrumental in David Bek's victories ower the forces o Safavid Iran an the Ottoman Empire in Armenie's Zangezur region. Thair main heidquarters wur at the fortress o Halidzor which servit as the admeenistrative centre for Syunik an aw. Mkhitar servit as chief aide tae Bek an later his successor efter his daith in 1728.

In 1730, Mkhitar wis murthert bi Armeniee veelagers o Khndzoresk, who haed implored him tae hae his awn fortifications destroyed durin his conflicts rather than thair veelage. His heid wis presentit tae the Ottoman Pasha at Tabriz, who foond this act o treachery detestable an haed the murtherers decapitatit. The tomb o Mkhitar Sparapet is locatit in a gorge no far frae Nerkin Khndzoresk an Auld Khndzoresk.

Popular cultur[eedit | eedit soorce]

Mkhitar wis ane o the characters o the Soviet "David Bek" film o 1944. Anither movie, made in 1978 bi Armenfilmand Mosfilm, bore the name o Mkhitar Sparapet an enjoyed success in the Armenie Soviet Socialist Republic.

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