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The Mitsubishi Proudia is a luxury caur manufactured bi Mitsubishi Motors frae late 1999, poseetioned juist belaw the flagship Mitsubishi Dignity limousine in the company's range. Its name is a portmanteau derived frae the Inglis wird "proud", an "diamond" (referrin tae the company's logo) as a "fittin epithet for Mitsubishi Motors' ultimate luxury caur",[1] The entire Proudia/Dignity range wis designed bi Mitsubishi Motors an co-manufactured wi Hyundai o Sooth Korea, who mercatit thair awn version as the Hyundai Equus.[2]

The Proudia wis priced frae ¥4.6 million tae ¥6.4 million, an came in three specifications labelled A, B or C. A an B featurt a 6G74 3497 cc GDi V6 producin 240 PS (177 kW) at 5500 rpm an 343 N·m (253 lb·ft) o torque at 2500 rpm, while specification C featurt the 8A80 4498 cc GDi V8 producin 280 PS (206 kW) at 5000 rpm an 412 N·m (304 lb·ft) at 4000 rpm.[1] The caur wis equipped wi several advanced features lik CCD cameras tae monitor adjacent lanes an ahint the caur, an a laser activatit adaptive cruise control.[2]

The Dignity an Proudia's combined volumes fell far shy o Mitsubishi's estimatit 300 sales per month,[1] an thay wur available for anerlie fifteen months frae thair introduction on Februar 20, 2000, afore Mitsubishi's financial difficulties forced the company tae discontinue baith models in an effort tae streamline its range an reduce costs.[3] Housomeivver, the Hyundai Equus proved mair commercially successfu an wad remain in production till replaced in 2008.[4]

Production an sales[eedit | eedit soorce]

Year Production Sales
1999 383 -
2000 759 852
2001 85 97 (+1 export)

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