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Misiones Depairtment

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Misiones Depairtment

Departamento de Misiones
Banner o Misiones Depairtment
Coat of airms o Misiones Depairtment
Coat airms
Misiones shown in red
Misiones shown in red
Coordinates: 26°38′S 57°10′W / 26.633°S 57.167°W / -26.633; -57.167
Kintra Paraguay
RegionEastren Region
CaipitalSan Juan Bautista
Lairgest ceetySan Ignacio
 • GovrenorArturo Martínez (ANR)
 • Total9556 km2 (3,690 sq mi)
Area rank12
 • Total113,644
 • Rank14
 • Density12/km2 (31/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-04 (AST)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-03 (ADT)
ISO 3166 codePY-8
Number o Destricts10

Misiones is a depairtment locatit in the soothren region o Paraguay. Its caipital is San Juan Bautista. The aicht o Paraguay's 17 depairtments, it wis creatit in 1906, then kent as the San Ignacio Depairtment, an wis no gien its present name till 1945. Its current name reflects its status as hame tae several Jesuit Reductions, or missions.

Locatit in a relatively isolatit pairt o the kintra, far frae the iceety o Asunción an ither important population centers sic as Ciudad del Este an Encarnación, Misiones haes remained ane o the least developit an poorer depairtments in the kintra.

Misiones borders the depairtments o Paraguarí an Caazapá tae the north, Itapúa tae the east, Ñeembucú tae the wast, an the Corrientes Province o Argentinae tae the sooth.

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