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Milyanfan (Kyrgyz: Милянфан; Roushie: Милянфан; Dungan: Милёнчуан; Cheenese: 米粮川, Miliangchuan) is a veelage in the Ysyk-Ata Destrict o the Chuy Province o Kyrgyzstan. It is locatit near the soothren bank o the Chuy River, which forms Kyrgyzstan's border wi Kazakhstan.

Maist o the population are ethnic Dungans.

The veelage is the birth place o Sergeant Mansuz Vanahun (Roushie: Мансуз Ванахун) (1907-1943), who dee'd heroically durin Warld War II, an wis awardit, posthumously, the honorary title o Hero o Soviet Union. His hoose is preserved as a museum, an in 2005, his bust wis unveiled in the veelage.[1]

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Coordinates: 42°58′N 74°48′E / 42.96°N 74.8°E / 42.96; 74.8