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Metropolitan Borough o Wirral

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The Metropolitan Borough o Wirral is a metropolitan boroughMerseyside, in North West Ingland. It haes a population o 321,238, an encompasses 60 square mile (160 km2) o the northren pairt o the Wirral Peninsula. Major settlements include Birkenhead, Wallasey, Bebington, Heswall, Hoylake an West Kirby. The ceety o Liverpool ower the Mersey, faces the northeastren side o Wirral. Borderin is the River Mersey tae the east, the Erse Sea tae the north an the River Dee tae the wast; the borough o Cheshire West an Chester occupies the remainder o the Wirral Peninsula an borders the borough o Wirral tae the sooth. The borough o Wirral haes greater proportions o rural airies than the Liverpull pairt o Merseyside.