Max August Zorn

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Max August Zorn, Jena, 1930

Max August Zorn (German: [tsɔʁn]; 6 Juin 1906 – 9 March 1993) wis a German mathematician. He wis a algebraist, group theorist, an numerical analyst. He is best kent for Zorn's lemma, a pouerful tuil in set theory that is applicable tae a wide range o mathematical constructs such as vector spaces, ordered sets, etc. Zorn's lemma wis first postulatit bi Kazimierz Kuratowski in 1922, an then independently bi Zorn in 1935.

Life an career[eedit | eedit soorce]

Zorn wis born in Krefeld, Germany. He attendit the Varsity o Hamburg. He receivit his Ph.D. in Apryle 1930 for a thesis on alternative algebras. He marriet Alice Schlottau an they haed ane son, Jens, an ane dochter, Liz. Jens (born 19 Juin 1931) is a emeritus professor o pheesics at the Varsity o Michigan an a accomplished sculptor. Max Zorn's grandson Eric Zorn is a columnist for the Chicago Tribune.

Max Zorn wis appointit as a assistant at the Varsity o Halle. Housomeivver, he did no hae the opportunity tae wirk thare for lang syne he wis forcit tae leave Germany in 1933 acause o the Nazi policies. He emigratit tae the U.S. an wis appointit a Sterling Fellae at Yale Varsity. Efter that, he muivit tae UCLA an remained till 1946. He left UCLA tae become a professor at Indiana University. He held this position frae 1946 till he retired in 1971.

Zorn dee'd in Bloomington, Indiana, Unitit States, in Mairch 1993, o congestive hert failur, accordin tae his obituar in The New York Times.

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