Mauna Kea

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Mauna Kea
Mauna a Wākea
Mauna Kea from the ocean.jpg
Mauna Kea wi its saisonal snaw cap veesible
Heichest pynt
Elevation4,205 m (13,796 ft) [1]
Prominence4,205 m (13,796 ft) [1]
Isolation3,947 km (2,453 mi) [2]
US state heich pynt
Coordinates19°49′14″N 155°28′05″W / 19.820664075°N 155.468066397°W / 19.820664075; -155.468066397Coordinates: 19°49′14″N 155°28′05″W / 19.820664075°N 155.468066397°W / 19.820664075; -155.468066397[1]
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LocationHawaii Coonty, Hawaii, Unitit States
Parent rangeHawaiian Islands
Age o rockAuldest dated rock: 237,000 ± 31,000 BP[3]
Approximate: ~1 million[3]
Muntain teepShield volcano
Hetspot volcano
Volcanic arc/beltHawaiian – Emperor seamount chain
Last eruption2460 BCE ± 100 years
First ascentRecordit: Goodrich (1823)[4]
Easiest routeMauna Kea Trail
DesignatitNovember 1972

Mauna Kea (Inglis pronunciation: /ˌmɔːnə ˈkeɪ.ə/ or /ˌmaʊnə ˈkeɪ.ə/, Hawaiian: [ˈmɔunə ˈkɛjə]), cried Mauna a Wākea in Hawaiian cultur an aw, is a dormant volcano on the island o Hawaiʻi.

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