Margaret, Maid o Norawa

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(Reguidit frae Margaret, Queen o Scots)
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Margaret, Maid of Norway.jpg
Lerwick Toun Haw stained glass window depictin "Margaret, queen o Scotland an dauchter o Norawa"
Queen o Scots
Disputit reign25 November 1286 – 26 September 1290
PredecessorAlexander III
SuccessorJohn Balliol
Born9 Aprile 1283
Tønsberg, Norawa
Dee'd26 September 1290 (aged 7)
St Margaret's Hope, Orkney
BuirialAuld Cathedral, Bergen
HooseHoose o Sverre (Fairhair dynasty)
FaitherEric II o Norawa
MitherMargaret o Scotland
ReleegionRoman Catholicism

Margaret (Gaelic: Mairead or Maighread) (9 Aprile 1283–26 September 1290) wis Queen o Scots an a Norwegian princess, kent as Margaret o Scotland (Norwegian: Margrete av Skottland) an the Maid o Norawa (Norwegian: Jomfruen av Norge) an aa.